Statement of Support to tEAM PRAXIS initiated by Mr Christos Sirros


After more than 21 months of thought, debate, and consultation, the decision has been made to take things to the next level - to move from thought, words and study to
ACTION, or PRAXIS (in Greek). 

A major Reorganization of the HCGM needs to be undertaken if it is to be seen as a credible institution that promotes the progress of the Hellenic community of Montreal at large. Our cultural heritage, our history  and language, our traditions, and  our religious heritage, and more importantly, our Hellenic values need to be a springboard for healthy and effective integration into the broader Quebec and Canadian society.  

Team PRAXIS has been created with a view to initiating a movement for change that seeks to bring together a broad spectrum of all the components of our community. From the early Greek families that built the Hellenic Community of Montreal as it was called, to the newest arrivals of post crisis Greece and everyone in between.   

The purpose of the Team PRAXIS is to bring together everyone that can see the need for a new vision of what the HCGM can be, who understands the need for deep structural changes and agrees on a Common Platform based on three principles:   

  • Decentralization,   

  • Professionalization of management,   

  • Transparency and Involvement.   

The services the HCGM  offers need to be put in the hands of those that are most involved and concerned by their success, (decentralization) its management needs to be put in the hands of  accountable, professional staff ( professionalization of management) operating under a modern governance structure, with a volunteer Board of Directors that sets objectives and priorities and works to keep the membership motivated and involved (Transparency and involvement).  

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