Praxis is the Greek word for "Action". It also conveys a sense of commitment to putting ideas into practice. To act, to move forward.

TEAM PRAXIS aims to bring new ideas and implement new important changes to the scope and functioning of the HCGM. We want to see an H CGM that is a worthy representative of our heritage and that we can be proud of.

For too long, the HCGM has been characterized by a siege mentality that sees new ideas as a threat, by an insularity that resists openness and transparency, and by a cliquishness that discourages accountability. It is time to change that. 

The HCGM has over the years lost the trust of our community, is seen as a source of negativity and a waste of time.

The Hellenic community of today, is over 70,000 strong and mostly second and third generation Canadians of Greek origin. We deserve a community organization that can showcase the best of who we are, that can serve our compatriots of all ages with ongoing programmes that promote our cultural heritage and language and create links of friendship with our Quebec and    Canadian compatriots. 

Here you will find our ideas for change, our proposals for a revamped HCGM and a call to action.

Our ancestors believed that civic duty and service    was a responsibility for every member of the polis

Our involvement in the upcoming elections stems from a deep sense of duty to our community. We are all motivated by the desire to take the HCGM to the next level and we invite you to join us.

Help recreate a sense of community where we all work together in an open and transparent fashion, by supporting our objective of a modern, transparent, professionally run HCGM that maximizes the resources, human and financial, of our paroikia. Become a member of the HCGM and show your support of TEAM PRAXIS by signing up as supporter and encouraging your friends and contacts to do the same.

Take the time to inform yourself about our ideas and proposals which you will find on this web page. Feel free to contact us with comments or suggestions at  . 

If you want to participate more actively, be it as a candidate or a volunteer, let us know. We are open to including everyone who shares our vision and values.

It’s time to for…. PRAXIS!